Client Requirements

The client requirements for a property management website included the ability to manage and track properties, tenants, and leases. They specifically requested features like advertising vacancies, screening applicants, collecting rent payments, and managing maintenance requests. Property management website aimed to ensure all the processes are streamlined for reduced manual work.

Additionally, the client also required integration with third-party services such as payment processors, accounting software, or marketing tools. Customizable reporting and analytics, automated workflows, and mobile compatibility are some of the other unique features we added to the website for effective results.


Developing a property management website was not very easy for our team. One significant challenge was to deliver a user-friendly interface for property owners, tenants, and managers to navigate and use the site with ease. The website also had to have a secure payment processing system to handle rent payments and other financial transactions. We had to be careful with this feature for smooth and error-free transactions.

One challenge was integrating the website with various third-party platforms such as property management software, real estate listing sites, and online payment gateways. Our development team ensured that the website could handle a large volume of traffic and was optimizable for different devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Another big challenge was to comply with relevant regulations, such as data privacy laws and accessibility requirements. To overcome this we thoroughly tested the website for security vulnerabilities.

Key Challenges Of The Project Were:
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Data maintenance
  • Profile and user management
  • Bug fixation
  • Admin panel
  • Multiple device compatibility


The project gave our team new exposure because of its unique nature. We had to create a rough draft before starting the work so the execution stage was completed smoothly. Despite major challenges, dedicated professionals at ManekTech came forward with creative and result-driven ideas. Our development team left no stone unturned in writing a bug-free code. Our designers and maintenance team equally contributed by ensuring user-friendly UI.

The project was a huge success for many reasons. Our access to the latest technology reduced the workload and gave our team the time to focus on other aspects. We streamlined the app as per the client's feedback. The website was delivered on time with positive inputs from the client, their employees, and even the users.

Key Features
  • User Profiles : We developed a hassle-free sign-up process for users to help them access the available properties on rent and sale.
  • Admin Panel : The admin panel ensured all the payments, dues, and other important information was easily available to the admin.
  • Payment gateway : Since property managers have to deal with hefty payments, we integrated a seamless, efficient, and secure payment gateway.


The property management website proved to be a great success for our team as the client was greatly impressed with our work. We conquered all challenges through smart work, expertise, and experience. The project was delivered on time and worked well as expected. From development to design and installation, we completed all the steps with precision.

Our main aim is to impart satisfactory results to our clients. We also offered support after the project delivery in the form of timely website updates and upgrades. The website is running smoothly even today.

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