Who doesn’t want to have advanced tech solutions to simplify their lives and make an easy move towards their business’s success?

A well-developed and customized software solution automates your business activities, transforms your business to a digital one, and saves a lot of operations time and cost. All this accelerates the pace of generating new customer leads, adding new services to the range of services you provide, and training employees. Hence, software development has become a need of the time to make computers programable and independent of the hardware systems.

What is Software Development and its Scope in Tech Industry?

Software development is a process of planning, designing, developing, integrating, testing, managing, and evolving qualitative and user-oriented software solutions that solve various tech problems and meet diverse business requirements. So, when the scripts of codes for soothing interfaces visit different phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC), they take the form of computer applications and programs needed to meet various technical specifications and user requirements.

SDLC follows international standards that can be used by software companies to build and improve their computer programs. Customized features are added to make them custom software solutions as per the preferences of the clients. SDLC provides a defined structure that the development teams should follow while designing, creating, and maintaining high-quality software products. The main aim behind implementing the IT software development process is to create effective software products within a budget of time and cost.

It is also a fact that all the software products working around the world need improvements and frequent updates to get the most out of them in the long run. A team of expert software engineers constantly works towards building and expanding various software products to meet the specific needs of different industries, ranging from information technology, healthcare, finance, transportation, logistics, hospitality, sports, real estate, and more.

Benefits of Custom Software Development 

The most common benefits of customer software solutions are flexibility, scalability, and better security. Clients always require a tailored solution for their business, and custom software products meet their business needs perfectly. A detailed investigation about the benefits of custom software development follows here:

#1 Unique Solution for your Business – Businesses want sole proprietorship of their organizational software to operate its functions, data, processes, and development methodologies. The customized software helps them make changes anytime they want, add important changes to the software, and implement feedback from the customers. This helps in developing creative relationships with their customers and improving the credibility and stickiness of the businesses with their customers.

#2 Personalized Solution – Every business wants to have a personal attachment or relationship with their customers or users. In fact, customers also feel satisfied when they get the feeling of being treated as a special individual by their service providers. Hence, personalized, custom software solutions add value to businesses and customer relationships.

#3 Integration – Customized tools, programs, designs, and APIs are integrated into existing business software to make it more user-friendly and freer from the limitations of being normal software with minimal features.

#4 Flexibility and Scalability – Off-the-shelf software systems cannot be customized easily whenever businesses need them, and if someone does that, it violates the licensing agreement with the software providers. Thus, it becomes impossible to continue the usability and maintenance of the application.

#5 Reliability – Reliability of the application is the key to success for all businesses. Of course, custom solutions are more secure and reliable, as the owner owns all rights to the software and can modify and maintain it. The custom software developers generally use high-quality tools and industry-leading security standards, as the final version of the application reflects on them personally. Therefore, you can always go with the software products or apps that assure the best performance and reliability.

#6 Security – Generally, off-the-shelf software can be quickly hacked by external sources, as most of the software uses open-source code. The hackers and attackers already know about the vulnerabilities of these software programs. On the other hand, custom-developed software products are closed-sourced projects that are only used by a team that has gained the rights to do so, displaying fewer chances of intrusion.

#7 Customer Satisfaction – According to a survey by Mckinsey, 71% of consumers expect to receive personalized solutions from their service provider, and 76% get angry when businesses don’t do that. This means customers love personalized experiences, and the development of custom software products is highly important for customer satisfaction.

How a Software Development Company Works?

Though it is complex to create custom software applications and tools, the process of creating them is quite straightforward. Every software developer on each software development team puts his own style, abilities, and potential into the type of job needed to create a product that meets his client’s expectations. Here is how a software development company works, maintaining a coordinated environment that benefits its customers.

1️⃣ Identifies the problem or need – A good software company takes the time to understand the problems, needs, goals, and desired outcomes of their client companies and maintains cordial relations that facilitate effective communication between the parties involved. Your development company works as your development partner and will suggest what kind of software will best meet your needs.

2️⃣ Develops the solution – After understanding what your requirements are, your software development partner will begin developing your custom software. They will provide you with a visual wireframe to help you see what your product will look like, and then they will begin with coding to build the software. They provide you with project updates and never leave a ‘chance of editing’ if you ask for any changes.

3️⃣Tests and Troubleshoots – Every piece of software, when completed, goes through the testing process before final delivery. The product owner of the team uses the software as a usual customer and takes note if there are any glitches, random shutdowns, slow loading speeds, etc. to resolve them prior to it reaching the final customer.

4️⃣ Distributes – Once you have built the final product, your software development team distributes it to relevant channels like Google, the App Store, social campaigns, or through email.

What Does a Software Development Service Company Do?

Almost all software development companies usually focus on or specialize in diverse areas or types of software solutions, like mobile app development, web development, or fintech. From writing code to creating, developing, and testing software, these companies offer it all to their customers to solve their problems, provide them with relevant solutions, and help them acquire relevant audiences. Let’s discuss further what services a software development company provides to its customers:

#1. Web Application Development – Web app development service goes a step ahead of software development. Though web applications have shorter lifecycles, their number of business models is higher than that of desktop applications. The web app developers rely on different reliable frameworks and reuse the code for making web-based applications, which lessens the time to market them. The testing process for these applications is a bit complex because each layer requires separate testing of the applications.

#2. Custom Software Development – Custom software solutions include building applications for customer management, content management, inventory management, and human resource management systems. The development starts with a thorough cost-benefit analysis for the client businesses, followed by in-house or outsourcing development services from outside. Blockchain, software consulting, and other application development facilities for mobile, web, and desktop with customized features for specific business requirements are offered under this service category.

#3. Mobile Application DevelopmentThis category of development facilitates the creation of a range of mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and other cross-platform development. The creation of these apps helps businesses expand into new markets, connect with a new audience, provide a strong brand, build a direct and personalized channel of marketing, enhance customer loyalty, provide improved and better customer services, and present more value to their customers.

#4. Product Development – The product development services provided by the company help the client businesses right from ideation to design, development, maintenance, and support facilities. Prototyping and MVP development, product architecture design services, UI/UX design services, product development, product testing, maintenance, and support are some of the common software product development services.

#5. Testing and Deployment – Quality assurance and software testing methods are crucial for the success of a software development company and are a way to provide a flawless product to the customer. There are a variety of software testing services provided by development companies to ensure the quality of products, like unit testing, system testing, integration testing, and functional and system requirement testing.

#6. Cloud Computing and PaaS Development Services – Clod computing makes data storage and computing power available on the internet on demand. It gives users access to the remote servers and services that are typically hosted in the data center of the cloud computing provider without needing to manage their own hardware. PaaS, or Platform as a Service, provided by the cloud service provider allows the users to deploy their own infrastructure on the cloud, including libraries, tools, programming languages, and other services.

#7. Software Consulting – Software development is a complex task that involves planning, designing, implementing, final deployment, and maintaining the system. Each phase of the process requires technical expertise and the assistance of the team to deliver a quality software product. More often, a software development company consists of software consultants as part of their team members to manage and advise on diverse aspects of software development.

Top 3 Software Development Companies in South Africa?

#1. Liorra Tech

Liorra Tech is one of the most prominent custom software development companies located in South Africa and comprises a team of developers, designers, problem solvers, and passionate collaborators. Liorra Tech helps companies at all stages of the product software development life cycle, i.e., from research and development to building MVPs from scratch, scaling, UX analysis, management, and consultation.

#2. Manektech South Africa

Manektech South Africa is an award-winning agile software solution provider that matches the business needs of their clients and provides different software development services across South Africa. The company delivers high-end services by expert developers and yields efficient and long-lasting results for the benefit of their client businesses.

Manektech SA holds over 11 years of experience in the industry and has served over 500+ customers across the globe with the latest and most upgraded technologies that match their business needs.

#3. Groove Jones

As a creatively led technology company, Groove Jones is one of the oldest and most recognized XR studios in the world. Founded in 2015, the company has been accredited with over 200 awards and has established a team of accomplished artists and talented engineers using emerging technologies and proven methodologies to present innovative and creative solutions for today’s digitally connected businesses, brands, and consumers. The proprietary group of technologies, GrooveTech, is developed for many of their productions and provides a secure, reliable, and flexible platform to configure solutions that support their clients' objectives.


It is a matter of global discussion as to “What does a software development service company do?" as it helps startups and new ventures to understand how they can establish their digital presence globally and assists established companies to understand how efficiently they can take their businesses to new heights with the assistance of tech experts.

The role of software development service providers is in-negligible, as they help businesses establish their digital identity firmly in the competitive tech market. Out of the range of services they provide, the best thing they do is maintain the need for and requirements of the latest technologies and trending methodologies while serving their client projects.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

Q.1. Are software development practices similar to coding?

A.1. Coding is an important part of software development, but it comprises more of the programming work. Coding techniques are used by software developers to plan, design, develop, test, and deploy the software they create for definite purposes.

Q.2. What technologies are used by the software development companies?

A.2. Software development companies typically use Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Python, and C++ as popular technologies and React, Angular, and Vue as popular frameworks for developing quality software programs and applications for their client projects.

Q.3. What type of applications do software development companies create?

A.3. Software development companies create a wide range of web applications, mobile applications, DevOps automation, cloud computing, software prototyping, quality assurance, and system integration as custom software programs tailored to the specific needs of their client businesses.

Q.4. What are the advantages of dealing with software development companies?

A.4. The top advantages of dealing with software development companies are:

➤ Services by experienced professionals

➤ Cost savings

➤ Standard-quality services

➤ Scalability

➤ Security

➤ Support

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